What Every Linux User Needs to Know About These 13 Essential Programs

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Is this your first time using Linux? Regardless of the version of Linux you choose to install, these powerful apps may help you get up and running quickly.

Linux is an excellent platform that, in comparison to other operating systems, provides something unique to its users. It consists of a variety of open-source software that may be utilized for performing day-to-day responsibilities. When working on Linux, these applications may make your work life lot simpler and more efficient.

When putting together a do-it-yourself computer using Arch Linux or Gentoo, you have to begin the application process from scratch. During the process of establishing a do-it-yourself system using Linux, it might be difficult for Linux novices to evaluate which software are truly necessary. If this is the case for you as well, there is no need for alarm. In this tutorial, we will go through key apps that are essential for Linux users to have.

1. The free and open-source VLC Media Player [Media Player]

One of the greatest media players that supports several platforms is called VLC, which stands for VideoLAN Client. Because of its enormous popularity, it does not require any sort of introduction. VLC is compatible with a wide variety of music and video file types, including WMA, MPEG, MKV, MP4, OGG, and FLV, among others.

VLC Media Player [Media Player]

You may also make playlists to view videos in a continuous stream without any interruptions. Additionally, the videos may be streamed over a computer network while using VLC Media Player, which also allows you to encode multimedia files.

Download: VLC Media Player

2. Mozilla Firefox [Web Browser]

Mozilla Firefox [Web Browser]

Because of its highly remarkable and user-friendly interface, Firefox is considered to be one of the greatest alternatives to the web browser Google Chrome. This web browser is also compatible with several platforms and provides the quickest surfing experience possible. Firefox is accessible in more than 90 different languages, and it supports a large number of extensions that enable users to tailor the browser to their own needs.

Firefox, in contrast to other browsers, maintains very little information about its users, including cookies and cache files. This helps protect users’ privacy. In addition to that, it is equipped with an intelligent tracker called SmartBlock, which may block superfluous content and make your surfing experience more private.

Get it here: Firefox Download

3. LibreOffice [Office Suite]

An outstanding free and open-source office suite that works across several platforms is called LibreOffice. The user interface is uncluttered and straightforward, and it provides a wealth of features to help you become more productive. Personalizing LibreOffice to fit your preferences is simple thanks to the program’s many customization options.

LibreOffice [Office Suite]

Word processing is handled by Writer, presentations are handled by Impress, spreadsheets are handled by Calc, flowcharts and drawings are handled by Draw, and formula editing is handled by Math and Base (databases). This office suite also includes capabilities for editing PDF files, which perform admirably in the vast majority of situations. You also have the option of saving the papers in a variety of formats such as DOC, PPT, XSL, and so on.

Click here to get LibreOffice.

4. Thunderbird [Mail Client]

Thunderbird [Mail Client]

You can better organize and manage your emails with the aid of Thunderbird, an open-source email client that is also simple to use. This email client provides a straightforward user interface for establishing a new email account or configuring an existing one. Thunderbird features settings that allow users to manage many accounts on a single machine, which enables users to add several accounts to their use of the program.

In addition, Thunderbird has the option of using an RSS reader, which enables users to swiftly view headlines. The application comes with theme add-ons that allow you to customize the look of the user interface and provide assistance in organizing the various mail folders. In addition to this, it features a backup function, which means that even if you delete an email by mistake, you can easily retrieve it with only a few mouse clicks.

You can get : Thunderbird

5. GIMP [Image Editor]

GIMP, which stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program,” is a program for manipulating images that is free and available on several platforms. It offers a variety of tools for modifying images, such as removing noise, changing colors, creating layers, scaling, cropping, and applying special effects, among other things. In addition to its use for image editing, GIMP also includes tools for the creation of amazing artworks.

On Linux, the GIMP’s installation is a breeze, and the program’s feature set is extensive. Because it requires only 100 MB of storage space, GIMP is an excellent option for those who have devices with limited storage capacity. In addition to this, GIMP is compatible with a wide variety of incredible plugins that expand its capabilities to a whole new level. Since GIMP is compatible with Photoshop plugins, using it as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop can be quite beneficial.

Download: GIMP

6. Flameshot [Screenshot Tool]

Flameshot [Screenshot Tool]

Flameshot is a free snapshot application that enables users to take high-quality screenshots quickly and easily owing to its intuitive design. This snapshot tool offers a wide variety of editing and sharing options, including in-app screenshot editing and the ability to publish screenshots to web sites such as Imgur.

In addition, you have the opportunity to alter the color of the user interface, as well as the keyboard shortcuts and button selection, and save images in a variety of formats.

Download: Flameshot

7. KBackup [Backup Tool]

You may build a backup of your data using the free program KBackup, which is available to you. It offers features that are straightforward and easy to use, and it assists you in creating backups from locally mounted devices or remotely mounted URLs, such as USB sticks and ZIP drives.

KBackup has a function that allows automated backups to be executed even when the graphical user interface (UI) of the utility is not being used.

Download: KBackup

8. FlareGet [Download Manager]

The download manager FlareGet is available for free and supports several platforms. The download time can be cut in half thanks to a function in this download manager known as dynamic file segmentation.

FlareGet [Download Manager]

The download managers of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chromium, and Opera may all be replaced by FlareGet thanks to its ability to interface with those browsers. You also have the option to continue downloads that have either been interrupted or failed, which is incredibly helpful in the event that your computer has a crash or the power goes out.

Get it here: FlareGet.com

9. Signal [Messenger]

Signal is a fantastic open-source messaging program that provides end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy of your conversations. You have the option of beginning a one-on-one conversation or a group chat in order to transfer and discuss files such as photographs, videos, audio, voice notes, and documents. This messaging application supports several platforms and may be downloaded for use on a wide variety of operating systems, including Android and iOS.

You may also make, receive, and save bitcoin payments made within the Signal app by utilizing its built-in cryptocurrency wallet function. If you’re searching for an alternative to WhatsApp, you might want to check out Signal. It’s a good choice.

Download: Signal

10. Shotcut [Video Editor]

The MLT framework serves as the basis for the open-source video editor known as Shotcut. FFmpeg is the reason why this program supports a wide variety of video and audio codecs. You can drag and drop files from the file manager into Shotcut, and it is compatible with several operating systems.

In addition, Shotcut is capable of capturing movies from a camera, IP stream, HDMI, X11 screen, SDI, and other sources. It also supports a resolution of up to 4K. This video editor has undockable and dockable panels, which include media properties, playlists with a thumbnail view, a filter panel, and a search for recent files, in addition to a great deal of other capabilities.

Download this : Shotcut

11. Simplenote [Note-Taking App]

Simplenote [Note-Taking App]

The note-taking software known as Simplenote is available free of charge and is compatible with several operating systems. This tool for taking notes was built by the same team that was responsible for creating WordPress. Simplenote automatically produces a backup copy of any modifications you make to a note, allowing you to examine previously saved versions of the note at any time. It contains a function that allows you to write notes in Markdown style and publish them.

Because your Simplenote account is synchronized across all of your devices, you are able to publish notes online, write and post instructions, and share to-do lists with other users.

Download : Simplenote 

12. Ardour [Audio Editor]

Ardour is a digital audio workstation that may be utilized on a variety of operating systems, including but not limited to Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is widely considered to be the greatest free and open-source audio editor as well as digital audio workstation that is designed specifically for individual usage.

Copying, chopping, renaming, pasting, stretching, dragging, transposing, moving, trimming, snapshotting, and dropping are just some of the many features that are available in Ardour. This program also has a number of extra functions, such as the ability to automate, insert, transmit, pre- and post-fader, isolate, solo, EQ, and monitor. It provides a user-friendly interface with infinite redo and undo capabilities, allowing you to easily recover previous versions of your work.

Download this: Ardour.

13. OBS Studio [Screen Recorder]

OBS, which stands for Open Broadcaster Software, is a program that allows users to record their computer screens for free and supports several platforms. You will need to familiarize yourself with all of OBS’s features and configurations in order to reap the full benefits of using the program.

OBS Studio [Screen Recorder]

The functionality of this screen recording tool is optimized for users who have several displays configured to display and play at the same time. It is incredibly easy to personalize, and you may alter everything as well as add templates to suit your requirements. OBS may be used for either business or personal purposes as well.

Get it here: OBS Studio Download

Are You Getting the Most Out of These Essential Linux Applications?

These are some of the best programs that are available for Linux users to suggest to others. This list features a wide variety of programs that may make a variety of chores more manageable. If you are considering constructing a new system but are unclear which programs or tools will serve you best, then the information that was presented above should hopefully be of use to you. The list that was just shown to you contains examples of some of the very best programs that can be found in each area, whether you’re looking for creative or office-related software.

If you’ve just switched from Windows to Linux, you’ll almost certainly discover that you need to install Windows applications in order to continue working effectively. Try out some of these Linux programs that are becoming increasingly popular as a viable alternative to their original Windows counterparts rather than going back to Windows.

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