Try Zorin OS for These 5 Reasons (and Which Edition to Go For)

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Try Zorin OS Edition

Zorin OS is a well-liked option for those who are just beginning their journey with Linux. The following are some arguments in favor of your giving it a shot:

Each Linux distribution delivers a distinct feature set fit for a certain target audience. Because you have so many choices to pick from, it could be difficult for you to decide which one is best.

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution that is based on the Ubuntu operating system. Users who are transitioning from other operating systems, such as Windows or macOS, sometimes find it difficult to migrate to Linux for a variety of reasons. This is where Zorin OS comes into play.

If you are just starting out with Linux, you should go with this distribution. The fact that its user interface and functionality are comparable to those of other widely used operating systems facilitates a speedy transition to Linux. Zorin OS should be your next (or first) Linux distribution to install if for no other reason than the following ones.

Why You Should Consider Using the Zorin Operating System

Because there are so many Linux distributions, each boasting impressive capabilities and an engaging user interface, it can be challenging for a Linux distribution to distinguish itself from the pack and earn a place among the elite.

Zorin OS is now ranked in the top 10 Linux distributions according to the distro rating on, as of the time of this writing. It has garnered a great amount of popularity all over the world since it is the distribution that is best suited for people who are new to Linux. However, this is not the only factor that led to its modification.

1. Ease of Utilization

Zorin OS was developed with the idea that consumers transitioning to Linux from previous operating systems would be using it. It does not matter whose operating system you are coming from because it is basic and straightforward to use and does not require any prior knowledge to utilize the system.

Because the operating system can be readily customized, you may have a desktop that looks similar to Windows or macOS, making it simple for you to adjust. Simply navigate to the Appearance menu and select the theme that corresponds to your desired desktop type to make the move.

In addition, Zorin OS makes the claim that it is compatible with some Windows applications by utilizing WINE or PlayOnLinux. This eliminates the need to search for Linux replacements. It makes everything lot simpler and more productive for you to go through.

2. Suitable for Older PCs

Suitable Older PCs

As was just said, the Zorin Operating System comes in a stripped-down variant that was designed specifically for devices with fewer resources. It supports practically all older devices that are still in use today and uses the lightweight XFCE desktop environment. You don’t need to toss out your aging and obsolete personal computer when you can easily bring it back to life using Zorin OS Lite.

Even Zorin OS Core seems more lightweight than many other distributions currently available. If you are unclear which Zorin OS flavor to go with, we recommend that you start with Zorin OS Core.

3. Strength of XFCE and GNOME

GNOME is perhaps the most well-known desktop environment for Linux. It is open-source and includes a collection of programs and tools that you can use to customise your computer’s interface. Zorin OS Pro and Core ship with a desktop environment that is based on a modified version of GNOME. Since of this, Zorin OS is a capable operating system because it has access to the capabilities offered by GNOME.

A well-known and trustworthy Linux desktop, XFCE, serves as the default desktop environment for Zorin OS Lite. This desktop environment’s major objective is to deliver an operating system experience that is both quick and unobtrusive. Not only does it prevent the system from becoming bloated, but it also gives the desktop a look that can be interacted with.

4. Power of Ubuntu

Power of Ubuntu

It is hardly an overstatement to call Ubuntu the most well-known Linux distribution ever created. It is quick, aesthetically dynamic, and packed with a variety of features. Zorin OS makes good use of Ubuntu’s features due to the fact that it is built on Ubuntu.

All of Ubuntu’s impressive capabilities have been passed down to it. Additionally, by utilizing this platform, Zorin OS is able to become more compatible with a wider variety of hardware and software combinations.

You will have access to some of the most important programs and features of Ubuntu with Zorin OS, such as the APT package manager. If you are seeking for an operating system that is based on Ubuntu that is both lightweight and quick, Zorin OS is a distribution that is worth considering.

5. Eye Candy

The user interface of Zorin OS is both aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable, making it one of the operating system’s most noticeable features. You have the ability to modify the panel’s fonts, themes, and overall appearance, as well as add animations, change the pace at which animations play, enable or disable desktop icons, and more.

You have the ability to modify the layout of your desktop as well as give your device the appearance of macOS, Ubuntu, or Windows by using standard themes. It also enables you to apply a variety of wallpapers, which are offered by the system, to your desktop in order to make it seem better.

Not only the desktop but the entire operating system takes on a new appearance as a result of the themes. Even the design of the error dialog may be customized to your liking with this feature. This demonstrates the strength of both its theme and the adjustments you may make to it.

Flavors of Zorin OS

Flavors Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution that offers a variety of versions, the most prominent of which are Pro, Core, and Lite. The objective is to give all users, from beginners to experts, an operating system that is streamlined, productive, and simple to operate.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s investigate the key components of each Zorin OS flavor.

1. Zorin OS Pro

The Zorin OS Pro edition is the most feature-rich version of this distribution, and it provides access to all of the operating system’s premium functions. It gives you access to a large variety of premium themes for your desktop, including Ubuntu-like, Windows 11-like, macOS-like, Windows Classic-like, and GNOME Shell themes, amongst others.

Additionally, this flavor offers a typical software pack that includes applications for video editing, picture editing, audio editing, the production of animations, and a great deal more.

The accessibility tool known as Barrier enables users to share the mouse and keyboard across many displays, in addition to providing access to the clipboard so that users may copy content from one display and paste it onto another. Zorin OS Pro is a paid flavor, and the cost to get it right now in the United States is $39 USD.

2. Zorin OS Core

The Zorin OS Core distribution provides a desktop environment that is analogous to that of Windows and is the base version of the Zorin OS family. This version comes preinstalled with a wide variety of helpful applications, such as the document viewer and editor GIMP, the document viewer and editor LibreOffice, and a number of additional GNOME utilities.

You may link your mobile device with the desktop to work in a fluid manner by utilizing Zorin Connect. The appearance menu on your device contains a number of different basic themes that you can choose for your device.

The Zorin OS Core desktop is reliable, sturdy, and suited for virtual desktops and multitasking since it is based on the GNOME desktop environment. Everyone is allowed to use the free Core version.

3. Zorin OS Lite

Zorin OS Lite is a more lightweight version designed to handle devices with lesser specifications, as the name indicates. Because the kernel in this flavor has been optimized to handle older hardware, it is compatible with the vast majority of the older devices that are still in use today.

The Lite edition comes with a standard selection of all the necessary applications, including applications from third-party developers such as LibreOffice. It is constructed on top of XFCE, which offers a user interface that is unobtrusive, straightforward, and simple to operate. The Lite edition, which is available for free to everyone and contains all of the common desktop layouts offered by the Core version, is also available.

Give Zorin OS a Go

You may simply move to Zorin OS from any other operating system you have been using, and doing so will provide you with an entirely new experience. In a market saturated with Linux distributions, Zorin OS has distinguished itself as one of the leading options.

You may even test out the operating system before really installing it. Zorin OS is a viable alternative to consider if your older devices are experiencing performance concerns.

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