Sengled’s newest smart bulb can track your vital signs

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Sengled, the smart lighting firm that has made Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth smart bulbs to hedge its protocol bets, has revealed a plethora of new products at CES 2022. The Smart Health Monitoring bulb is the most intriguing, while the Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV light strips are the most entertaining. Sengled has also confirmed its support for Matter, a new smart home standard, bringing the company’s total protocol count to four.

Sengled, a smart lighting provider, offers a selection of linked bulbs that cover most smart home bases for those unfamiliar with the brand. Similar to Philips Hue, its Zigbee smart bulbs work with a hub and are compatible with Alexa, Google, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

Its Wi-Fi bulbs operate with Alexa, Google, and Samsung SmartThings platforms and don’t require a hub. Sengled’s Bluetooth bulbs now only work with Alexa, but the company’s Product Innovation Director, Kenneth Camp, told The Verge in a briefing ahead of CES that Google Home compatibility will be available in March.

The company’s bulbs stand out because they have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which is usually around 90, which is higher than most of the competitors. CRI is a metric that indicates how well a light bulb reproduces colour, with a CRI of 100 indicating true colour reproduction.

Sengled’s Smart Health Monitoring Light is a dual-band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth light with built-in radar health monitoring. It’s made to keep track of your sleep as well as some biometric parameters like heart rate and body temperature, as well as other important indications.

The bulb can function independently, or numerous bulbs connected via a Bluetooth mesh network can collaborate to form a virtual map that can aid in the detection of human behaviour. It might even tell if someone has fallen, according to Camp.

This might be a very discreet approach to keep track of if a person living alone has fallen and possibly hurt themself. Although it is yet to be revealed what it will do if it detects a fall.

Because the device is still in development, information such as pricing is scant, but Camp stated that it will be available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Another alternative for the trend of lighting up your TV for that totally immersive experience is the upcoming Wi-Fi TV Light Strips with Video-Sync (which should cost $120 and be available in Q2). Sengled’s version does not require an HDMI input because it uses a small camera to determine what content is playing on your TV. The Govee Immersion TV Backlights work in a similar way.

Video-Sync light strips from Sengled will operate with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, and can be used with other Sengled entertainment products including Audio-Sync TV Light Strips and LED Light Bars.

According to Camp, Sengled will release its first Matter-compatible bulb this year. “Matter is a big part of our lives,” he continues. “We’ll have our first Wi-Fi A19 bulb ready to go as soon as it releases.” He also stated that Thread bulbs will be added to the company’s lineup later this year.

Sengled also revealed the following new goods at CES 2022:

  • Wi-Fi Outside String Lights come with 48 or 96 feet of individually color-addressable light bulbs that may be used to brighten up a patio or other outdoor space. They’ll cost around $80 to $90 per strip, and they’ll be available in Q2. The string lights have a dual-chip Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller, allowing you to operate them with any protocol – for example, if your home’s Wi-Fi doesn’t reach your patio, you may use your phone. Music syncing will be possible thanks to an inbuilt microphone.
  • In addition, a full-color, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected Portable LED Lamp with a dimming function will be available in Q2. The light may be charged by a socket or run on battery for up to eight hours and features music sync. It will cost $60 to $70 and includes effects such as “flickering candle” and a wake-up routine.
  • A Wi-Fi LED Essential Oil Diffuser Light is scheduled for release in Q1, but no price has been set. The lamp will have timer and scheduling capabilities.
  • In Q2, a Zigbee window and door sensor, as well as a motion sensor to control smart lights, will be available. There is no pricing information available at this time.
  • Bluetooth Mesh LED recessed ceiling lights with a regular Edison E26 base will also be available in 2022, although no pricing has been announced.

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