RTX 40 graphics cards look set to get a big increase in shader count and L2 cache

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The damage from Nvidia’s weekend assault is still being felt. The hackers appear to be releasing material on a regular basis in an attempt to persuade Nvidia to comply with their requests, which include the removal of LHR mining limiters.

The first piece of fresh information is that the RTX 40 GPUs will have much more shaders than the RTX 30 GPUs. The AD102 GPU, which is at the top of the line, will have up to 18432 so-called CUDA cores. That’s a significant increase over the GA102’s maximum 10752, which you’d find in the fully unlocked (and currently non-existent) RTX 3090 Ti.

The AD103 GPU, like the present GA103, might become the flagship laptop GPU. It might also end up in cards like the RTX 4070, which is a fictitious name. Though the 10752 shader count is likely to be that of the fully unlocked chip, it might suggest that a next-gen RTX 4070 Ti will give performance on par with – if not better than – an RTX 3090.
The GPUs at the bottom of the spectrum don’t have as many shaders added. The AD104 is planned to replace the 6144 core GA104 found in the RTX 3070 Ti, with up to 7680 cores. This is likely to appear in RTX 4060 Ti and 4070 class GPUs. Of course, we’re still a long way from launch, and even if the GPUs are already in full production, we have no idea what yields will be. Nvidia will undoubtedly gather cut down variations in the same way as they do presently. Individual model clocks and shader counts are most likely not finalized at this time.
The increase in shader count isn’t the only Ada Lovelace leak today. @harukaze5719 provided a useful overview and comparison table on Twitter. The L2 cache size of Nvidia’s upcoming GPUs will be considerably increased. The jumps are so significant that existing L2 cache sizes pale in comparison.
Starting with the AD102, it will have up to 96MB of L2, compared to the existing GA102’s 6MB. The AD103 has up to 64MB of memory compared to the GA103’s 4MB, while the AD104 has 48MB of memory compared to the GA104’s 4MB.

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