PS5 restock update — this is great news for Amazon Prime members

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It’s tough to keep track of PS5 restocks on Amazon. Unlike some stores, Amazon seldom gives any indication of when the in-demand next-gen console will be available for purchase. However, while Amazon PS5 restocks are normally unannounced, the store has recently given a rare signal that its next shipment is on the way.

On February 25, Amazon hosted a PS5 resupply, although it was a very minor drop, and the system sold out in a matter of minutes. Online speculation is already circulating that this was merely a warm-up for a larger resupply in March, and Amazon themselves may be hinting that this is the case.

Amazon PS5 restock (check stock)

The fact that the store has changed the console product page with language that says, “Amazon Prime customers will be granted first access to the PlayStation 5 through 3/31,” sparked rumors of an Amazon PS5 resupply. This suggests that another Amazon PS5 resupply is on the way between now and the end of the month.
According to the amended product description, any Amazon PS5 restocks in the coming month will require Prime membership to access — or at the very least, Prime members will have first access to purchase one.

This isn’t the first time the store has restricted restocks as part of its premium subscription. If you aren’t already a Prime member, it’s worth signing up to guarantee you have access to any future Amazon PS5 restocks.

Of course, until we receive formal information from the shop, nothing is confirmed in the PS5 resupply game. Although this statement on Amazon’s PS5 product description implies a drop is on the way, it shouldn’t be considered as a guarantee, as Amazon has a history of significant restocking gaps.

Throughout the month, we’ll be keeping a careful check on Amazon, and we’ll update this piece if we find out more about impending drops. In the meanwhile, save our PS5 replenishment page to your favorites. This thorough guide provides all of the most up-to-date resupply information and changes, ensuring that you never miss a drop.

How to get early access to Amazon PS5 restock

Signing up for Amazon Prime is the simplest way to get early access to Amazon PS5 restocks. For $14.99 each month ($139 yearly), you’ll receive free delivery and access to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service, as well as the possibility of getting first dibs on the next PS5 replenishment.

You can join up for the service below, and there’s even a 30-day free trial, so it won’t cost you anything at first. When it comes to acquiring a PS5 during an Amazon refill, there isn’t a surefire formula for success, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.

To begin, make sure you have an Amazon account set up in advance, with your address and payment information recorded. It’s just half the struggle to get stock in your basket; after you’ve done that, it’s a race to finish check out. If you’re having trouble inputting your card number and zip code, the console is likely to sell out while you’re typing.
There’s an odd Amazon method that’s been proved to make checking out with a PS5 go more smoothly. By putting the console on your want list ahead of time, you’ll be able to add it to your cart whenever it’s replenished. This allows you to avoid the listing page, which is often always down due to high traffic.

This method allows you to obtain merchandise in your basket very immediately after the replenishment goes online, giving you a significant edge over others who are stuck refreshing the PS5 listing page in the hopes of getting it to work.

Just make sure the PS5 is on your wish list ahead of time, because you may still add it after it sells out. To take advantage of this method, do it far ahead of the resupply. Attempting to add the console to your wish list during a stock drop will almost always result in an error message being shown on the website.

We put this strategy to the test during the replenishment of the Xbox Series X and can confirm that it works. We were able to add the Series X to our basket four times, however, we were unable to add the console to our basket once due to the listing page crashing.

Also, keep our PS5 replenishment guide bookmarked since we’ll update it with any new information on the newest Amazon PS5 restock as soon as we get it.

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