The new Netgear tri-band Wi-Fi 6E access point could be great for small businesses.

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Netgear has announced the release of its latest Wireless Access Point (WAP), which includes WiFi 6E for improved connectivity for small businesses.

The Netgear WAX630E is a business-grade tri-band WAP that can be operated remotely using Netgear Insight, the company’s network administration service.

Netgear’s latest WAP not only provides high speed and low latency, but it also supports the new 6GHz WiFi spectrum known as WiFi 6E. The WAX630E is ideal for manufacturing, education, hospitality, government, and retail organizations, but it could also be the ideal answer for small firms with minimal IT resources.

Doug Cheung, Netgear’s director of product line management for SMB Wireless, revealed additional details on the WAX630E and the benefits of WiFi 6E for SMBs in a press release, saying:

“As applications that include 4K and 8K video streaming or virtual and augmented reality become more pervasive, businesses will need to at least double their WiFi connection speeds to support them. WiFi 6E provides a wide-open, fast superhighway to provide the required capacity and speed. The new WAX630E is the perfect onramp for SMBs.” 

Netgear WAX630E

The WAX630E from Netgear is a tri-band router that supports the newest WiFi 6E technologies. As a result, the WAX630E can operate on both the 5GHz and 6GHz bands in the broadest 160MHz WiFi channels.

However, all three bands (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz) fully support AX technologies like MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple outputs), which allows a single access point (AP) to handle more simultaneous users.

The WAX630E provides client devices on all three WiFi bands with ultra-fast access to the internet and intranet, with a total throughput of 7.8Gbps.

The WAX630E is available in two configurations (the WAX630 E-100NAS and the WAX630EP-100NAS), with the first costing $349 (£299.99) and the latter costing $369. The WAX630EP-100NAS is exclusively available in the United States and comes with a power adapter, whereas the WAX630 E-100NAS does not. However, because this WAP supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), you will need to purchase a network switch in addition to the WAP.

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