The iPhone SE (2020) has been officially discontinued, however it can still be bought

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As part of the announcement of the iPhone SE (2022), Apple surreptitiously dropped the popular predecessor to the new mid-range iPhone, the iPhone SE (2020), nearly completely erasing its existence from the record books… almost.

On Apple’s website, for example, searching for “iPhone SE” no longer takes you to the 2020 model, but rather to pre-orders for the iPhone SE (2022) – in fact, the phone has been removed entirely from the fruit company’s online shop.

A few accessory listings have the phrase “iPhone SE (2nd generation)” in the Compatibility section, which indicates that the phone was once available. This is the sole indication that it ever existed.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, given Apple’s history of discontinuing older models when new ones are introduced. However, we believe the older iPhone SE should have been kept on the market as a 4G counterpart to the new 5G model, given that connectivity is one of the only differences between the two models.

However, if you had your heart set on purchasing the iPhone SE (2020) but were deterred by the newer model, Apple is still an option available to you.

How to buy the iPhone SE (2020)

Despite the fact that Apple no longer carries the two-year-old iPhone SE and has most likely transferred its manufacturing facilities over to the new model, it is still possible to purchase the device via merchants.

This is because of the fact that third-party retailers still have an inventory of iPhone SE (2020) models to sell off, and depending on how large their inventories are, the device might stay widely accessible for several months.

Even after all of the new iPhones have been sold, there will very certainly be a thriving second-hand market for the devices, which is something we’ve seen with other iPhones in the past as well. Refurbished or refreshed iPhones continue to be popular, especially when purchased from stores that provide excellent customer support to guarantee that your second-hand device feels as good as a new one.

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