Intel Arc Discrete GPUs for Gaming are now shipping to OEMs, with a launch date of early 2022 expected.

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Intel has revealed that its future discrete GPUs, dubbed Intel Arc, are currently shipping to OEMs who will be creating desktops and laptops based on them, in addition to showcasing a wide variety of new 12th Gen ‘Alder Lake’ CPUs for laptops and desktop PCs at its simulated CES 2022 event. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Gigabyte, and MSI have all indicated that new products would be released in the near future. According to third-party information, the first wave of items will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Although early leaks of benchmark results have begun to surface online, prices, models, global availability, and exact specs have yet to be confirmed. Intel has also yet to reveal what level of performance consumers may anticipate, as well as which models from Nvidia and AMD it plans to compete with.

Intel has already stated that its first-generation Arc GPUs are codenamed ‘Alchemist,’ with successive generations dubbed ‘Battlemage,’ ‘Celestial,’ and ‘Druid,’ in alphabetical order, over the next few years. These will be built using Xe-HPG (High Performance Gaming) architecture variants. The firm had earlier said that discrete GPUs will be available by 2020, and the Iris Xe Max was first seen in laptops in late 2020. The DG1 development kit for OEMs and testers was introduced at CES 2020, but gamers have had to wait since then.

Hardware ray tracing and Intel’s proprietary AI-enhanced XeSS temporal picture upscaling technologies will be supported by Alchemist. Death Stranding Directors Cut by Kojima Productions will be optimised for XeSS and 12th Gen Core CPUs. XeSS is also supported by a number of other gaming developers and production firms.

TSMC’s N6 node will be used to produce this GPU series. They are planned to be used in laptops with Intel’s upcoming 12th Gen CPUs, and software will be able to take use of both, dynamically modifying power and temperature envelopes and speeding instructions where possible. Deep Link is the name Intel has given to this technology, and DaVinci Resolve will be upgraded to optimise video encoding on such machines.

New Intel Evo platform laptops for creators will use Intel Arc GPUs, as well as new 12th Gen H-series 45W CPUs and 15-inch or 16-inch displays. The startup hopes to give Nvidia and AMD a serious run for their money in the GPU market, which they have controlled for over a decade.

Intel’s SVP and General Manager of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics, Raja Koduri, recently acknowledged to Gadgets 360 that the company will be aggressive in its pursuit of discrete GPU market share. He also acknowledged that Intel is unable to guarantee enough supply in light of present market conditions, in which GPUs are scarce and selling at exorbitant rates throughout the world. There will be no hardware lockouts on the GPUs to deter cryptocurrency mining, making them a possible target for that industry as well.

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