HTC’s version of the metaverse has been announced by the company.

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HTC is exhibiting at MWC 2022, where it will demonstrate its latest products, including Viverse, which is the company’s answer to the metaverse.

“Empowering creativity, collaboration, connecting, sharing experiences and more” is how Viverse is described in its official description. It’s about bringing individuals from different walks of life together to share new experiences while yet retaining their identity, security, and privacy.

What exactly is XR, and how will it serve as the foundation for the metaverse?

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Viverse is a multi-platform application that can be accessed from a variety of devices, including tablets, PCs, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The HTC Vive Flow is an obvious choice for anyone want to immerse themselves in the experience. Users will be able to move effortlessly between virtual locations in Vive Sync, Vive Engage, and other virtual reality experiences after donning the portable immersive glasses.

Hundreds of partners and developers are collaborating with HTC to create an open system that will allow individuals to roam freely between different virtual worlds and experiences, according to the company. This includes the ability to navigate between worlds, applications, games, and other material with ease.

In addition to this announcement, HTC has confirmed that the Vive Flow will be the first virtual reality gadget to feature a cryptocurrency wallet. As a result, users will be able to store digital assets, including NFTs, and manage them from a single location. It is possible to use your assets in the Viverse in this manner if that is your thing.

HTC has also developed Vive Guardian to provide parents with additional peace of mind. Parents will be able to monitor what their children view in the Viverse using a suite of tools that include privacy and security controls.

In the meanwhile, Viverse is available on your phone, tablet, or choice virtual reality device right now.

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